Eurovision Asia Song Contest will closely resemble the Eurovision Song Contest

Team Eurovision Asia are taking the biggest live televised music show – Eurovision – to the biggest music audience in the world. Countries from the Asia-Pacific region will be able to compete in their own version of the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time.

Each country will showcase their songwriting and performing talent to Asia and the world and compete to be crowned the winner of the first ever Eurovision Asia Song Contest.

Eurovision Asia Song Contest is being developed under an exclusive licence from the European Broadcasting Union by Australian national broadcaster SBS and Blink TV.

Further announcements regarding the Eurovision Asia Song Contest will be made as they are confirmed.


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Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the longest running and most popular TV shows in the world. It started in 1956 with just 7 countries participating. Today the annual contest attracts artists from over 40 countries. The competition is regularly seen by more than 200 million viewers around the world. Its official YouTube channel has over 2.5 billion views and is a social media phenomenon with over 3 billion impressions online.

Each country enters one song to the contest, and juries and viewers from all participating countries can vote for their favourites. To keep things fair, you cannot vote for your own country. The winning country is given the honour to host the next contest. Following Portugal’s win this year, the next Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, in May 2018.

Official channels

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Famous performers

In 62 years, 65 acts have won the Eurovision Song Contest. “How come?” — you must be wondering. Well… in 1969, four countries managed to end up with exactly the same amount of points, resulting in four winners. Rest assured; it never happened again!

Over the past decades, the Eurovision Song Contest saw several world famous acts perform.

Céline Dion (1988)

Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi

ABBA (1974)


Cliff Richard (1968)

United Kingdom